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The Magneton
THE MAGNETON:   it's back in stock!

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Simply nothing else like it on the market.


Finally - The Magneton will be back in stock on July 5th
To ensure yours please call our toll-free sales line to reserve one with us. We will set it aside for you as we know it is a vital product for so many of our customers.

If you take into account the cost of going for Ultra-sound treatments at £35 per session, this machine can pay for itself in 3 sessions.

Now a Special re-launch price of £89.00 for the month of July

Acupuncture Without The Needles
Pain Relief Without The Drugs
Your Homeostasis State Achieved Effortlessly
and its all completely safe - non-invasive and

TV - OUR NEXT SHOW:-  Will be on Ideal World  in September. We will announce the exact date nearer the time!
We have been with Ideal World for over 13 years. We are still there due to their trust in our product and our  after sales service.  But mostly due to our customers own personal experience that MAGNET THERAPY WORKS! 
You buy it ~You own it ~ You become your own in-house therapist and it lasts for years


Save money!
*NOTE: Websites with a vested interest in discrediting Magnet Therapy spend millions a year trying to guide you away from us. Why spend £27.00 on the Magnecore Set that will last 20 years - when you can buy pain killers and creams every month for the rest of your life?  
It is safe and effective - it must be worth a try !

What our customers say Magnet Therapy does for them

December 1st 2013
The Therapist Pad:

Hi, .... I just want to say its only been around 3 weeks now since I got my therapist/travel pad .. And I have been in pain now ( strange but mainly in bed at night ) .. For around 2 years with a piriformis /sciatica type thing !  I hardly got any sleep because of the pain !  Well I'm sooo happy to say I have honestly hardly any pain now.. Unbelievable .. I'm sleeping all night ..I'm so happy !  My hubbie wants to steal my pad every night ( he has back ache). But I won't let him have it .. So it looks like I'm going to go buy him one too... !!  Thank you so much .. So pleased I heard about vergari magnets ...many many thanks ..                                                   Kind regards .. Caroline ..
November 15th 2013
Thank you Gloria for your email, looking forward to receiving my latest MAGNETIC item. Then I will have had 27 items from you throughout the years you have brought magnets to us. They have kept me going in many ways, friends too, though some family members are still skeptical, but I am working on them! 
I cannot praise them enough.    
Best wishes, MARY

Gary from Oxfordshire  - 20th April 2013

Hi Gloria In 2008, my voice started to get very husky and lost all its volume. As the years went by I tried a Harley Street ENT specialist, a throat specialist, had botox injected into my voice box, breathing technique lessons, singing lessons, hypnotism, physical manipulation, until someone in 2010 asked me about my life and asked me if I felt under stress. I explained that I had had a tough few years. In 2005 my dad got cancer, in 2006 my wife got cancer, in 2007 my dad died, in 2008 my business went bust and in 2009 I went bust and nearly lost my home. He said that maybe I have had so much going on that my voice has just shut down. I carried on living with this, virtually unable to communicate as I fought my way back in business. Then in 2012, my marriage came to an end, and then 3 months later I lost my job. Virtually unable to talk in any situation even remotely stressful, the whole thing started to get me down, until I met Gloria, who asked me to explain what happens when my voice ‘goes’. I explained that it feels like my stomach tightens up and then the tightening rises to my throat until my voice is ‘strangled’, and the more I fight it, the worse it gets. Gloria sent me 3 sets of magnets, 2 ‘penny’ sized discs, 2 larger discs and a thin belt so I can place them on my stomach. Within 4 days my voice was virtually back to normal after 6 years of ‘hell’. I now wear them 80% of the time and hardly notice them.  I’ve no idea how they work, but they are fantastic. Best Gary 

March  1st  2013
Hi Gloria
 I must say I'm absolutely astonished at how effective the knee wrap is - it's almost as though I never had a problem with my knee. For me, this is nothing short of a miracle. I'm not exaggerating when I say you've given me back my life. I look forward to using the eye mask for my migraines and sleep problems. If it works (which I'm sure it will) it will mean that I'll be free of pain for the first time in years.
Very best wishes

Dawn- From Our Customer Helpline:

Gloria, I have had a fantastic call from a new IW customer who bought the Magnecore set and a back wrap.  Rita - from Whitstable 
She was wheelchair bound and in constant pain but now she walks about with just the odd ache - this change came virtually overnight. She is thrilled. She says that if she'd won the lottery last week, she wouldn't have been this happy.  She actually says it is like a miracle.  She asks me to send her several brochures, which I will do as she wants to tell everyone how wonderful Vergari is.   I've already had her sister phone with an order.

Gloria:  I followed this call up as we do with most calls of this type from our customers.  Rita told me she had suffered acutely from Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years. She had been on the strongest pain killers (morphine) from her doctors but still had burning, unbearable pain attacks. Three days after using her magnets she went for a walk to the shops with her husband, and baked a cake.

One Month Later: Dear Gloria Just a note to say thank you for sending me the magnetic blanket and the lovely French Lavender, which I have hanging up in my kitchen. The magnets are still working for me and also for several people that I have suggested that they try them. Like me, they cannot believe the relief that they are getting from them. My life has changed so much for the better since using them. I wake up each morning looking forward to the day ahead instead of just sitting in a chair. I shall be ringing Dawn for some more brochures because so many people have been asking for them. It seems that people who have the magnets have been passing on the benefits of their use. Purchasers of the magnets have told me how kind and helpful the staff were when ordering. Many thanks to you for this wonderful product.   Yours sincerely  Rita from Whitstable

We cannot fully explain why this result was so incredibly helpful to Rita, but it shows that by simply placing a therapeutic magnet on an area of concern - has to be worth a try. Even by the most skeptical of us.

Remember - it is safe - non-invasive and completely  Natural!
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